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Friday, July 2, 2010

DK and Baby Einstein

I have bought Jackson few toys since the ones I think will be fun, never are as big of a hit as I think they will be. Plus, he really just plays with his trucks! Books, however, are "my thing." I feel much more confident picking out books, especially at the library where the risk is so low! DK publishes some wonderful books, but I LOVE two series I have recently discovered.

The first DK series I am highlighting is the Peekaboo series. I checked out Beep! Beep! Peekaboo! from the library last time. I honestly thought it would just be a good book to keep in the car. While it has fulfilled that purpose, Jackson and I just think it's really neat in general! I looked it up online, and there is a whole series of similar books! I think we might need to add some of these to our collection! The Peekaboo books combine our love of lift-the-flap and touch and feel! The flaps are actually a full sized page folded over another page--so easy for little hands! The pictures are great, the textures engage Jackson, and the titles just grab you :)

Noisy Peekaboo is the second DK series I have happened upon. I was looking for a new, fun book to take on the airplane ride to New Orleans in May. I saw these large board books and picked up Woof! Woof! (Noisy Peekaboo) Each page has four flaps. You are encouraged to look for a different object on each page and one of the four flaps has the object AND makes a sound! I debated for about two seconds as to whether this would be annoying on a plane, and I decided fellow passengers would rather hear a few sounds instead of an unhappy toddler! Little did I realize, we wouldn't be able to hear the sounds on the plane! Oh well! I took it this weekend to the beach as a new book, and it went over very well :) Another plus is that the pictures are all "real!"

Baby Einstein is a large company and offers CDs, DVDs, and books. We inherited the entire set of DVDs from our cousins who had outgrown them. They were gracious enough to send them to us, so we are well stocked in that department. I would LOVE to have the whole set of books, but have picked out a few to own so far. The best one, by far, has been Baby Einstein: First Words. I really wanted to start familiarizing Jackson with everyday words, but didn't want to buy a bunch of single subject books. This book was perfect! Each page is dedicated to a different category, including numbers, colors, and shapes! The cute Baby Einstein pictures are incorporated, but the pictures are all photographs--I love showing Jackson "real" pictures! He LOVES this book! He will just sit and flip through the pages :)

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Mom2three said...

Looks like some great picture books. The little girl I babysit loves flap books, especially one we have about a barnyard. Loved the pictures of Jackson enjoying a new view of facing forward.

Janna said...

Good idea the peek a boos look great for travel.

I like how you chose the Einstein book the incorporated multiple subjects too.

Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

We love the DK peek a boo series, especially bedtime peek a boo and baby says peek a boo (includes a mirror behind one of the flaps) but hadn't seen the noisy peekaboo! I'll have to check those out.