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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tyke Light

One of my favorite baby shower gifts we received, and now to give, is the Mobi TykeLight GloMate!

I saw it for the first time at my friend Erin's house. Her son, Ben, had one in his room. It caught my eye because it was so dang cute! It is a small, plastic little-guy-shaped night light. The shape is perfect for little hands to to grab on to! There are quite a few varieties now, but the original is the best, in my opinion. The one that I linked to is a bit different than the one we have, but it's the same idea. The TykeLight sits on the docking station (which is plugged into the wall) and provides a selection of settings: it can glow while docking, it can be set to slowly turn off while your child falls asleep, or it can glow up to 10 hours while unplugged (after charging).

Erin remembered how much I loved Ben's TykeLight so she bought us one for Jackson :) I used it ALL the time when I was pregnant! I was up many times during the night to use the bathroom, and not wanting to wake Josh, I would just take the TykeLight with me! LOL It not only kept me from tripping over the dog or bumping into the corner of the bed frame, but it also gave off just enough light so I didn't have to turn on the bathroom light at all! We do have a traditional nightlight in Jackson's room, but the TykeLight accompanies us on all of our vacations! I love having it with me, especially when we traveled in the beginning and I was up with Jackson in the middle of the night. You don't know other people's houses/hotel rooms like your own house, and you definitely need a light to guide you.

Now, TykeLight offers the WallMate, which I think I might get for Jackson's room... You don't have to change bulbs, it does not give off heat, there is a choice of color projection, and the WallMate automatically turns on when it senses darkness! Neat!

A third option is the TykeLight Jr. This little guy follows the same basic idea, but does not have a recharging docking station. Instead, it operates on three AAA batteries. The TykeLight Jr. still offers two settings in addition to a fade-out.

While this makes a fabulous baby present, try to give it as early on in the pregnancy so that the mom-to-be can get some use out of it too :)

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Parenting in blue jeans said...

Cute idea! I've never seen this product!

Visiting from TILT

Erin said...

Ben's poor tyke light took one too many trips down the stairs and is sadly out of commission now. :( He's moved on to a cute lantern now. ;)