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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Belated Easter Post

Perhaps you remember Jackson's love of anything deeley-bobber... I was quite excited when I found these bunny ears in the dollar bin at Target. Score! I was ready for Easter way in advance! When Jackson pulled them out of his Easter basket, however, he was not very excited :( He put them on once to test them out, then let Grandpa try them on, but then he didn't want anything to do with them! Like, he wouldn't go near the part of the room where they were! What a nut! My mom and I wrangled him into getting this picture, because of course we needed them on for a good Easter picture :) But, don't be fooled: he was NOT excited!

Jackson LOVES getting mail! He was quite excited with the cards from his two Virginia great-grandmas! Gramma sent him a sweet card with a little spending money. We went shopping and picked out this cool Fridge Farm by LeapFrog. It is super cute and sings an only-slight-annoying song ;) There are five different animals, cut in half. You can mix and match animals and the farm sings about whichever animals halves are chosen. Right now we have a duck-cow on the fridge :)

Meemaw sent a package with another cute card, these adorable jammies, and a new summer outfit! We (Mommy) loves new clothes! Josh was especially jealous of these striped pants :) Meemaw said she would keep a lookout for ones in his size!

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Emily said...

Did you shave your adorable son's head?!