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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Evanston Getaway Continued

Yesterday morning Kim drove to Evanston to spend some time with Jackson and me! She came over and played with Jackson and then we went to lunch and did some shopping.

Jackson started warming up to Kim when she showed him her iPhone. Then she got silly with him and played with him. They were good friends by the end of the day :)

After hanging out with Kim, Jackson took a nap, and then it was time to play with Grandpa! They watched the Blackhawks game together and Jackson learned some new "tricks" on his little stool. He liked standing on it and then crawling up to Grandpa :)

Mimi got plenty of hugs once she came home, too!

Jackson's new favorite made-up game was pretend falling down on the ground and then waiting for someone to help him up! He thought this was hilarious! He was also pretty darn cute doing it :)

Jackson also thought it was funny to try on Mimi's glasses!

How fun is this? I started babysitting for Katie (and her three siblings) when she was five! Now she is our go-to sitter when we are in town with Jackson!

Did I mention that Jackson LOVED Katie! He wanted her to carry him and gave her hugs right after she got there :)

This morning Jackson and I went with Mimi to the Chicago Botanic Garden. It was supposed to be a yucky, rainy day all day, but the morning was really nice! We had such a good time walking around the garden and looking at the pretty flowers and plants! Jackson loved the birds and the statue of a bird we saw! LOL He also liked pointing out the airplanes up above... My favorite things were all of the tulips! Those are my favorite flower and they were just gorgeous!

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