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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday Madness

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy morning! Josh was getting ready to go out of town for work for four days, I was trying to get ready to take the boys to Monday Storytime, and there were two little boys who had not agreed with my idea for a morning nap... While I was outside switching car seats into Eliza so Josh could take Petey to PA, Jackson was Mr. Fuss Bucket. Smart Daddy got out the magic tool: the dust mop! Jackson was happily mopping when I came back in. He continued to sweep while I finished getting us ready and said good-bye to Josh. Phew! Potential crisis averted!

"James, I can't sweep if you are sitting in the middle of the floor! Could you please scoot over?"

"I think I'll give it one more pass..."

Those chubby toes are SO yummy!!!

For the past week, Jackson has not been himself, to say the least :( Last Tuesday and Wednesday he had a pretty high fever (102.3!), and was just really lethargic and pathetic looking. He would just stand and watch me, whatever I was doing, with these super sad eyes. While we were in the family room one night he pushed Scout's paw to turn on the quiet music and just stood there listening to it. Both of those nights he was in bed by 5:50pm and slept until 7ish in the morning. The fever finally broke on Thursday, but then the crankiness set in. There have been many, many tantrums, lots of whining, and very little eating going on here :( Last time Jackson got like this he was teething big time AND sick. That's not really helpful when trying to decide what's going on this time... Luckily, we have our 18 month check-up tomorrow so we'll see what the deal is. Today was actually A LOT better! Jackson was much happier and ate the best that he has in days, maybe weeks! That made for a happy mommy :)

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