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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dust Be Gone!

I'm a bit frustrated that I can't find a link to my thing I love this Thursday... I think I can do a pretty good job describing it, though. I found cloths similar to the Shamwow at Target in the auto aisle that are wonderful! They were on sale for $4 a pack. I bought one pack of the general dusting cloths and one pack of the glass cleaning cloths. There were four or five in each pack, and they are a pretty good size. I am really struggling with how to live my life greener. I think we do a really good job of recycling and not producing ridiculous amounts of trash for our family. I have gotten much better at using washable cloths when I clean the house instead of paper towels. I have been using plain white wash cloth type things. They definitely do the job, but leave a bit of residue. These new, micro fiber cloths are great! Plus, a fun new toy makes cleaning more fun :) I definitely saw a difference after cleaning the car windshield and all the mirrors in the house using the new glass cloths. I highly recommend these for Spring Cleaning and beyond!

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Meredith said...

Thanks for the tip! I've also been looking for ways to clean greener and not leave residue on all my glass surfaces.

MamaEm said...

Way to go, Greenie! Paper towels have been the hardest things for me to wean myself off of... I know we still use more than we need to. Having a stack of cloths close by really helps. And I'm with you- microfiber is excellent! Nothing cleans like them.

Dana said...

The thing I'm having the hardest time with is what to use to wipe off Jackson after he eats. When he was just starting food, the purees were easily wiped away with a damp washcloth and then rinsed out for re-use. Now that the food has real chunks, using a washcloth grosses me out! I can't really ever get them rinsed out well enough to use again. Plus it takes so many to clean up after one meal! Keeping a pack of wipes near his seat is so much easier, but I'm definitely still giving it thought. I need to tackle the actual problem along with my OCD... ;)

The Queen Mommy said...

Great idea for the car! I have used microfiber cloths for awhile, too, although not having paper towels is still an adjustment. But that's a great idea. Are they big enough you could cut them into smaller sizes and not lose their cleaning capacity???