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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break Part 1: Saturday

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, weather-wise! We headed to the beach to play in the sand! Jackson was thrilled to be reunited with his old friend! Rachel seemed to take to the sand instantly! She also really liked the water, and grabbed whichever grown-up hand was closest to take her in whenever possible!

Josh and Joe had quite a game of Frisbee going. Periodically they got a short person wanting to "play..." Jackson loved pushing his turtle around in the sand.

We were prepared and brought snacks to the beach. Obviously, they were put to good use! Rachel picked up Jackson's Snack Trap and proceeded to feed him his Goldfish! It was hilarious!

I think we all just really relaxed and soaked up the first full day of vacation :)

Our trip to the beach was followed by lunch, baths, and naps! We had fun hanging around the house and then went out to dinner at The Smokehouse. Not only did we enjoy some yummy food, but they also had some pretty big tvs broadcasting basketball! LOL

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