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Monday, April 12, 2010

Moon Bounce Junkie!

On Saturday we went to Madeline Bascom's first birthday party! She was an adorable birthday girl and seemed to enjoy her amazing ducky party :) While Jackson appreciated the indoor decorations, he LOVED the moon bounce in the backyard!!! He wasn't so sure about the bouncing part, but the slide was an instant hit! Daddy got quite the work out helping the bug have a good time--he's such a good sport!

Trying to get back up the slide any which-way!

Slide junkie!

The FEMA kids ALL enjoyed the Moon Bounce! James, Evan, and Jackson all fit at once :)

Jackson and James discuss the possibility of a head-first move...

"Daddy, I could do this forever!"

The cute party hat was a hit...for a few minutes...

Sadly, we did not get a picture with the birthday girl :( Jackson had a great time at his third birthday party (fourth, if you count his own)! Despite the fact that he is either teething or a bit under the weather, he did pretty well at the party and even let Nana Martin, Sara, and Ella take care of him while Josh and I had a date that night :) Ah, the small things...

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