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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break Part 1: The End

We planned to make the most of our last full day on Hilton Head Island, and had big plans to hit up the beach and the pool on Thursday! We started at the beach, and Jackson was having such a good time, we just stayed there! The tide was amazingly low, but there was a little "river" of water cutting up the beach. Jackson has the best time playing there! There was a tiny sand-step that he went up and down, up and down, up and down... We saw a beautiful bird and a horseshoe crab just hanging out in the water.

After naptime we spent some more time in Harbour Town. We walked (almost) right on to the 18th hole pictured before. It was so pretty! We also had one more visit to the playground. Jackson wasn't super interested, but once we got up in the tree house, he discovered a small set of stairs and did his usual thing :) After playing we headed back to The Sea Shack for a second visit. This time we sat inside and tried some different dishes. It was just as yummy! For dessert this night, we took home some strawberry key lime pie. It was even better than the original! The best part of our meals, both times, was the sweet potato cornbread. Apparently, the old chef of the restaurant has a cookbook Burnin' Down South. I'm on the hunt of the book so I can check out the recipes!

Friday morning we got ourselves packed up and headed to Fayetteville. We arrived in the midst of naptime, and Jackson decided his glazy-eye time in the car was enough of a nap for him. He actually lasted pretty well into the evening. He was such a good traveler, that this was not that large of a bump in the road. After enjoying some more time together Friday night, we headed home to Springfield Saturday morning. We caught some traffic, but finally got home mid-afternoon. Jackson was a champ and accompanied me to the grocery store, back home to retrieve my forgotten wallet, back to the grocery store to actually buy our groceries, to pick up Pax, and to pick up dinner! Phew! It was quite a whirlwind! It worked out well as we had the weekend to recover :)

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