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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lots of Playdates--Young and Old!

Isn't this THE most AMAZING picture ever??? Our cousin, Kerry, took it while we hung out with her Friday morning in Leesburg! I love everything about this picture :) Of course, Jackson was pointing out another airplane. Funny how being so close to Dulles there were so many planes... ;) Anyways, we met Kerry on our way to meet Sarah and Maddie at the outlet mall in Leesburg. We found a little neighborhood playground for Jackson to check out while we hung out.

Jackson really did love this slide! Kerry and I both had the same amazement at how little kids can do the same thing over and over and over... It makes me so happy to watch Jackson do things like this, though! He really understands that it's a fun activity, that he likes it, and that he knows what to do to do it again! He's such a big boy!

This captures the portion of the morning when playing in the parking lot became more exciting than playing on the equipment... This also might have been when Jackson spotted a big, friendly doggie walking by. His owner was nice enough to stop, and even sit down with us, so Jackson could meet Tucker. Jackson was so sweet with Tucker! He sat down with him and just ruffled his thick fur with his chubby little hand. Tucker seemed quite content to take a break in the shade and to be loved on :) I love encountering nice people!

After spending some time with Kerry, Jackson and I were off to meet Sarah and Maddie for lunch and some shopping. Since we didn't buy anything, technically you could say we met for walking around... Look at these sweet faces? They were so excited to see each other and were quite content to hang out in their strollers so their mamas could shop and chat :)

Maybe they knew they would be rewarded with ice cream?

Saturday afternoon we met up with the Mullens and James got to show Jackson his neighborhood playground! The first stop was the swings. The boys (young and old, as you can see) had a great time! Jackson and Josh played the usual game of Josh-pushes-Jackson-and-Jackson-pretend-kicks-Daddy-so-he-pretends-to-fall-backwards. It was a winner!

The slide was a big hit with Jackson and James! Especially because there were some really big steps to climb up on the way to the top!

After Five Guys dinner, there was some serious playing to be had. First, there was an opportunity to play with fun Tupperware (which has it's OWN cabinet in Mary Jo and Mark's newly organized kitchen!).

This table is perfect for crawling under and then popping up and out of!

I'm not quite sure what was going on here, but I think bedtime soon followed...

Jackson and James are quite a team on the firetruck at our house and now the racecar at James's house! Usually Jackson pushes James around, but James was pretty excited to push Jackson around this time! They did many, many laps on the Kitchen-Dining Room-Living Room track :)

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