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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Nights!

I LOVE these Fisher Price Happy Nights nighttime diapers!!! They have saved me many loads of laundry! I had posted a status on Facebook a few months ago asking if anyone had any tips for keeping babies dry at night. Jackson was waking up SOAKED every morning! Not only did that create a lot of laundry, but I just felt so bad for him--what a crummy way to wake up. A few people suggested using one size larger diapers at night, others suggested special nighttime diapers. I went with the one size larger idea first. I really do try to spend wisely on most baby items (I think Josh would argue with that in the clothing department, but I have to have one weakness!), and the idea of buying special overnight diapers did not appeal to me. What if we had a bunch left over once he went into a new size? Then the diapers I had left would go to waste. So, I went out and bought a pack of size 5 Target diapers. They pretty much took care of the problem. However, a good friend gave me one of her Fisher Price Happy Nights diapers to try and I was hooked as soon as I saw the cute design on the front! LOL No, seriously, they just felt sturdier. Jackson was totally dry in the morning! The packages are pretty small, so I've gotten over my fear that we will waste tons of diapers when Jackson grows a size. It is so nice putting Jackson to bed knowing that he is wearing a diaper that will keep him dry for 12+ hours! The only downside is that I can only find these at Babies R Us, and I just don't go there that frequently anymore. I just buy a few packs at a time.

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Eos Mom said...

Thanks for the info, I've never heard of these, I will keep them in mind!

Christy said...

Nice! We could have really benefited from these a few years ago. We used one size bigger and it worked, but these look better.

MamaEm said...

Do they have them at I bet they do. And has free shipping on orders over $49, and no taxes! (Which, in Chicago, is huge!).

Miss Mommy said...

I am a marketer's dream- put a cute pic on it, a great font, or just pink and I'm all over it. ;)