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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In His Shoes

I'm getting ready to write a post about all of the new things Jackson likes and does, but this new activity deserved its own post! Jackson has always liked things to do with his feet: socks, shoes, slippers, sandals... He learned in Hilton Head that getting shoes on meant getting ready to go somewhere! He tries bringing us his shoes in hopes that we can have an outing! I ordered quite a few pairs of sandals online for him to try on (I couldn't decide which ones I liked, and I figured that sandals probably needed to be tried on. I am pretty confident about his sizing in gym shoes.) and he got such a big smile on his face as he walked around with the first pair on! He is so darn cute! Anyways, Jackson now will try to put on any shoes that are by the front door. This is hilarious to watch! Sometimes he needs help, and he usually gets them on the wrong feet, but he loves modeling his newest selection! I wasn't upstairs for this realization, but my mom reported Jackson's frustration at not being able to get my flip flops on his feet! HA HA HA! That must have been a sight to see!

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