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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Sweet Boy

Well, today was quite the day! It consisted of very little sleeping time, but it wasn't as bad as that might sound... Jackson woke up pretty early and seemed ready for a nap by about 7:30! Due to a poorly timed new-diaper-need, that nap didn't happen :( Jackson did play quite nicely by himself so I could take a shower. That was considerate of him :) On the way to Target, he did fall asleep. But, I had planned ahead and was quite happy to sit in the car with him reading my book while he slept for a little while. After Target we hit the Post Office (sold out except for one sheet of the new shelter pet stamps that went on sale this morning!) and the grocery store for 2/$10 rotisserie chicken day! Since we only needed that one item, I decided to let Jackson walk into the store holding my hand. He LOVED it and did such a good job! I think he could tell when our hands were getting sweaty because he readjusted periodically. LOL After Giant, we went to Noodles and Co. for lunch so I could redeem my birthday coupon--I LOVE the free food that comes within a couple weeks of my birthday! Yum!

While that was all a lovely morning, another poorly timed diaper issue prevented the afternoon nap :( Ugh! We took Pax for a walk, so at least that was chill time... When we came home Jackson had a snack and then was walking around with his sippy. He was dribbling milk so I handed him a paper towel. Sure enough, he started to wipe up his spills! Gee, I wonder where he gets that from? LOL We picked up Mary Jo and James to go to Moe's for free burrito night supporting a charity raising money to fight juvenile diabetes. Jackson screamed like I haven't heard in a loooong time for a large part of the drive. Poor guy was super tired! He did really well at Moe's, although he was definitely punchy! He fussed for a few minutes when we got back in the car, but then he was out like a light for that last half of the drive! Phew!

On a related note to Jackson cleaning up his dribbles, he also likes to help put away his booster tray, bib, the toys in the tub, his shoes, and pretty much anything else he finds. He can't clean up all of his toys yet, but he seems to get the hang of it if I start in on them. His Shoe Spot is his little blue chair and he knows to sit in it for me to put on or take off his shoes. It is so stinking cute! This afternoon he went and got his own shoes--a matching pair!--before we left to get Mary Jo and James! They were even the sandals he wore this morning! Maybe it was just luck, but I think he knew what he was doing :)

The below pictures are Jackson in action pointing to his:

Tummy (very seriously),

toes,and belly again (in a much more gregarious fashion!).

This was just silly :)

Our bedtime routine has two new additions. The first is that after we finish reading a few stories, I turn Jackson towards me for one last cuddle. During this he has started putting his finger to his lips and saying, "Shhh!" He is so cute when he does it! He learned it from the little old lady saying hush in Goodnight Moon, but has carried it over to naps and bedtime! Then, while I carry him to his crib, he wraps his little arms around my neck and squeezes for a goodnight hug! I pretty much melt every time he does it. He's going to stay this sweet forever, right???

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