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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Growing Repertoire of Jackson Albert

Jackson has been a chatter for a while, but we weren't hearing very many words. He can now say: doggie, fff-fff (woof-woof), up, please, thank you, boo, dada, mama, and cock-a-doodle-doo (not quite that clearly, but you get the drift).

He loves pointing out animals when we are out! It is so cute! He does think most animals belong in the doggie category, but most of the time it is a dog, so it works out ;) He really enjoyed chasing down some birds at the beach--he almost caught some! All of a sudden he began looking up and pointing when a plane or helicopter goes overhead. That happened right before our trip to the space museum! This love extends to trains, buses, the trash truck, and boats!

While we were in Hilton Head, we felt like a new skill was showing up each day! The doorknobs in the house were all low and loose so Jackson figured out how to work those (thank goodness for door knob covers!). He also started going to the door and waving when he wanted to go somewhere. Jackson has always loved the stairs, but he started walking up and down them instead of crawling on our trip. He is turning into such a big boy! He really likes when we count down the stairs with him, "One big step! Two big steps! Three big steps! Etc..."

Other Hilton Head activities that Jackson enjoyed: playing peek-a-boo in the curtains with Rachel, trying out jumping while watching Rachel (he almost got it!), playing right in the doorway of the sliding door (there was a tiny step so he could go in and out and up and down), and banging pots and pans together!

We are taking full advantage of restaurants offering crayons and something to color now! The best places have little containers to put the crayons in. Let's face it, at this point Jackson likes taking the crayons out and putting them in more than the actual coloring! He will color on the pages a little, but playing with the crayons kills time too, and that's the main goal!

Since getting home Jackson loves walking like a big boy outside to the car and up and down the sidewalk. Mimi helped him learn how to "count" along with the dongs of our clock in the living room. He says something that sounds like "dong" and uses his arm to mark the strikes! It is super cute! I don't even notice the clock sounds anymore, but all of a sudden I will see Jackson stop and do his dong routine :)

We could barely keep up with all of these new "tricks!" I'm sure we will have our hands full in the coming months!

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