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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Car Cart!

I'm starting to think I should have kept a list of all of the things I said I would never do/thought were stupid, but am re-thinking now! The grocery carts with cars attached to the front fall into that category! I still have not tried out the multiple rider carts at Target, but this is my third type to try at the grocery store. This is actually the first kind I tried, but I put the boys in the basket seat--there are two slots on this type of cart. That's why I had to have the car attached then... That worked well, but I liked the kind even better with two jump-seats between the handle and the cart. The boys LOVED that one! They loved having their legs dangle and being at a good height to watch everything while going forwards!

We went to a different location for groceries today, and this was the only multiple rider cart available. As I was getting ready to put Jackson in the basket seat, I thought, "Why not try out the car?" Well, that was clearly the right decision judging from the look on his face! He was SUPER excited to "drive" the cart :) He was equally excited when James got in next to him. They were quite the duo. We got so many compliments on how cute the boys were. We also made friends with LOTS of old people...
So, because of the sheer enjoyment it brought Jackson and James, I am now a fan of the car carts :)

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