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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy 29 1/2 Birthday Joshua Alan!!!

Yesterday we had a 29 1/2 birthday party for Josh here at the house! Here is the story behind the original plan: I wanted to do something special for Josh's 30th birthday, but...

1) He told me not to a while back.
2) Mid-December is just tricky for planning things with the holiday craziness.
3) It would be much easier to surprise him in June for his half birthday!

So, yes, this started out as a surprise party. Six months before my dad turned 60, my mom planned a 50 1/2 birthday party for him. We caught him totally off guard, and it was super fun! So, I talked to Mark about planning golf to get Josh out of the house on the day of the party, and thought I was all set. Weeeellll....the more I thought about the logistics (storing lots of food, higher than normal grocery store charges, and needing lots of time in the kitchen making tasty treats without Josh coming in and seeing), the more nervous I got. The more nervous I got, the less I was looking forward to the party. So, on a date night a couple of weeks ago, I gave Josh an extra invitation I his own party! LOL He was really excited and was able to look forward to the party that way! Phew! I was then able to enjoy the rest of the planning :)

I spent Friday night making Josh's cupcake cake. It was titled The 19th Hole and it was from the book What's New, Cupcake? I love that book and the original Hello Cupcake! On Saturday, Mark picked Josh up for golf and I spent the morning getting the house ready. Just before lunchtime Jackson and I went to pick up Mary Jo and James. They very helpfully came with us to pick up balloons, and more importantly, lunch :) We came back here and got everyone fed. While the boys napped, Mary Jo did an amazing job of balling watermelon and giving decoration advice. By 4 o'clock everyone was awake, back from golf, and everything was ready to go!

We had such a good time visiting with friends! I think everyone else had a good time too :) Josh manned the grill and we had hotdogs and hamburgers. There were plenty of chips and lots of yummy home-made dips! More snacks and fruit salad rounded out the "real" food! We had the cupcake cake for dessert along with an amazing chocolate mousse cake someone brought to add to the party. I don't think I've ever seen so much beer at a party--as someone said, "We brought beer. I've never been to a party with too much beer." That is a very true statement! We don't have too much leftover, but we have enjoyed some with all of our leftover food as we continue the celebration :)

We are so glad so many friends were able to come and help Josh celebrate his 30th birthday early! I already have the cupcakes planned for the "real" day...

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Allison said...

What a cute idea all around, Dana! I love the cake. Darn it, why can't I be creative like you? =)