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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Fish Called Jackson: Part 2

We had an awesome swim class this morning! I wish I had pictures of this, but obviously, I'm in the water with Jackson, so that would be tricky! Josh is hoping to be able to come to one of the last couple of classes... Anyways, last week Jackson wasn't too fond of being in the pool. He was just whiny, didn't really want to do any of the activities that Miss Emily had planned, etc. He hadn't napped at all before last week's class, and I thought that was the cause. Unfortunately, he didn't nap THIS morning either, so I was a little nervous. I was also a little nervous because we got to the rec center a couple minutes later than usual and class started RIGHT on time, so we didn't have time to get adjusted to the water. There is just something about the kiddos that they don't need time to adjust to the somewhat chilly water!

Each class starts the same. We do The Walking Song and we all walk around in a circle, then we hop, then we run. Then we do everything backwards. It's a good way to get warmed up :) After that, we cross into the slightly deeper water. Jackson can still stand, but the water is pretty high on his chest. Miss Emily hands out different toys: rings that sink, cups, and squishy balls. Jackson loves each of these and willingly trades in one for whatever is being handed out next! It doesn't seem like a big deal, but I was excited because Jackson started using his cup to pour water over my arms and hands today. Miss Emily encourages the kids to pour water in front of them, to the side of them, on Mommy or Daddy's arms and hands, and over their head. Of course, Jackson doesn't really understand all of those directions and mostly just fills and pours in front of him. I was so excited for him to follow one of the pouring directions! There are songs to go with EVERYTHING we do, which is nice. I am so glad we have done this so I have ideas of what to play in the pool with Jackson when we finally get over there...

My biggest excitement, however, was dunking Jackson underwater! A few friends have reported that they had to dunk their kids on the very first lesson. I had myself all geared up, but we didn't! Miss Emily explained last class that we could just decide whenever our kids were ready. She highly suggested incorporating it into one of the songs we sing or an action we are already doing. She said to just make it seem like the most fun thing ever when they come back up. So, I decided today I would try! The first time I did it was when we were swimming in a circle singing "The Wheels on the Bus." We were doing a part where the windows go up and down so I put Jackson all the way down! LOL He was definitely surprised, but not upset. I consider that a win! The second time I did it was after class was over. We have a few minutes to play after class officially ends, and Jackson loves sitting on the side and jumping in to me. I made sure my hands were under his arms securely when he jumped and just let him fall in under the water before pulling him up. He had the same reaction, so I'm going to say it was a success all the way around! Such a good sport :)

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