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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Heart Southwest Airlines!

Josh and I have been fans of Southwest Airlines for quite some time now. They have always been super friendly and have gotten us to lots of fun places at appealing prices :) We flew them on our honeymoon to San Francisco, for the continental 48 state part of our flight to Hawaii, multiple times to Chicago (including all of the back and forth before out big move to VA), and most recently, to New Orleans (and lots of places in between). Our travel habits have changed pretty drastically since we had Jackson. Before, I was very much my mother's daughter: I LOVED getting to the airport early! I was all about getting a snack and some trashy magazines while people watching and just hanging out. Now, we get to the airport early so that we can have plenty of time to get our family paraphernalia through security! (I don't think we travel overly heavy either!) We also need to make sure we have time to feed and change Jackson before boarding our flight. Josh and I are in the midst of planning a trip to San Francisco for September--JUST US! I can't wait to revert to my old travel habits :)

That all being said, Jackson is a pretty excellent traveler! He's just little and doesn't understand why he has to sit still for so long! These last flights to and from New Orleans were the most trying. They were a little longer than we are used to, and we just had a little guy that was ready for his own bed :( The flight attendants on the last flight were awesome! We had seated ourselves in the very last row so that we disturbed as few people as possible. The flight attendants did their best to "save" the third seat in our row for us so that Jackson could have his own seat. They were successful! Thank goodness--I don't know what it would have been like without that extra room!

The flight attendants always makes an effort to talk to Jackson and play with him when they can. He, of course, loves the attention, and it makes for a great distraction! He's old enough now to have a drink with a top and straw, which he LOVES! One of the flight attendants even made him an edible toy by putting some pretzels in a cup with a lid! It made noise AND he could eat it! Excellent :)

Many people have complained over the years about not liking Southwest's open seating policy. My response to that is that if you plan ahead and take responsibility for your own travel, it won't matter! You will get an early check-in spot and get to pick out a great seat. My mom and I even took a girls only trip a few summers ago so she could fully experience the wonderfulness of Southwest :) This was in the "old day" when you could line up for a good spot in line. We dutifully got Potbelly sandwiches to eat for lunch and took turns going for more snacks, magazines, and to the bathroom! We had SUCH a good time, and I think my mom enjoyed the new experience!

We also like Southwest's rewards program for earning free flights. The reason we like it is that we have actually gotten to use free flights! I feel like on other airlines it takes FOREVER and a ridiculous number of points to ever earn a free ticket. Southwest is quite easy: fly eight roundtrips in 24 months, and you earn a free one! On a similar money-saving note: Southwest allows you to check two bags FREE! That is HUGE in this day and age when traveling with a family! I am a pretty awesome packer, but there is no way I could pack us all in carry-ons with Jackson in tow!

Overall, we love Southwest and try to fly them whenever possible! Their policies fit our lifestyle and their customer service is always amazing :)

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Eos Mom said...

I agree, we try to only use Southwest! It's so hard to get good seat assignments on other airlines, I'd much rather choose in person! And their flight staff used to be super friendly but I've found them more rigid since 9/11 (understandably), course I rarely fly these days. Anyway, I totally agree!

John said...

Only problem with WN (that's Southwest Airlines to people who travel a lot) is dealing with Midway. I hate Midway. I can't get to Midway without going somewhere else, first. O'hare is much better than Midway, so I fly AA instead.

Dana said...

That's too bad. We actually love Midway! It is smaller and much more efficient. They also are so family friendly that they have family security lines! They also have yummier food options like Potbelly and Ben and Jerry's :)