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Friday, June 18, 2010

First Books, Part 1

I LOVE giving books as presents at showers, for new babies, for birthdays, pretty much for any occasion! In fact, in order to help curb the cost of our rising Verizon Fios bill, I am going to try to cut down on my little habit of buying books when we are at Borders for Story Time on Mondays... That will be a hard one! One of these days I should post a picture of all of Jackson's books... What a good thing to spend money on, though! It could be worse, right?

Anyways, I try to give books as gifts that are out of the mainstream. There is definitely a list of books that every kid has/should have. I'm going to start with some more "fun" ones this week and then do a list of the lovey dovey ones next week :)

I Know a Rhino, by Charles Fuge, was recommended by a good friend I used to work with at Barnes and Noble (Yup! I worked there even before I was 16--they would pay me in books! My mom worked there and my brother and I LOVED accompanying her to work on our days off of school so we could just sit and read all day!) This is such a sweet book personifying stuffed animals. That also speaks to me very personally since my stuffed animals were most definitely "real" :)

Baby Colors, by Rachel Hale, is one of Jackson's favorites! In fact, it was one of the books that he favored early on. We lost our first copy on a plane ride, but Mimi replaced it :) Thank goodness for Mimi! Obviously colors are the focus of this book. There are cute rhymes to accompany each color, as well as a cute baby! The babies differ in gender and race, which I LOVE! Jackson had a crush on the baby that models for purple :)

Zip, Hop, Pop was just a cute book I picked up as a gift for a friend. I also got a copy for Jackson. Both boys LOVE it! It was one of the earliest books they sat still to read and actually seemed to absorb! Plus, have you met a baby/toddler that doesn't love Elmo?

Peek-a-Who, by Nina Laden, is becoming more mainstream, I think, but it is fantastic! It is a smaller board book--perfect for little hands. This book was a mainstay on our changing table for a while. It kept Jackson plenty distracted! Jackson LOVES playing Peek-a-Boo, so this book is perfect. He loves turning the pages and checking out what is peeking through next.

Does a Cow Say Boo? and Eyes,
Nose, Fingers, and Toes,

both by
Judy Hindley, are great additions to the animal sounds and body parts categories! They both go a little more in depth than the traditional books. Plus there are really cute pictures--Jackson LOVES hearing these stories and practicing his animal sounds and body parts :)

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Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

What a great list! I'm going to have to check out "I Know A Rhino". It looks too cute to pass up.

Janna said...

I would love to have you working in my local bookstore or library! It's so sad sometimes to see people there that don't care about books.

I love all your enthusiasm and it sounds like you could write a pretty awesome children's book yourself if you wanted too.

I love how you are already mentioning next weeks post:) a true book lover is not hard to spot.