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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy 2nd Father's Day!!!

Dear Josh,

Happy second Father's Day!!! Little did we know when we picked our wedding date that it would be so close to Father's Day. Our wedding anniversary was definitely the most important family celebration day for a few years. Now that we have Jackson, we have two important family celebration days within a week of each other! Almost six years ago, I married my best friend. I also knew that he would make an incredible day.

Well, here we are, over a year and a half into this parenthood thing, and I am proved right! You can tell what a wonderful father you are by looking at Jackson. His face lights up whenever he sees you or I tell him we are going to see you soon or you will be home soon! He LOVES spending time with you! You pour all of your energy into your son and it shows since you are often out of breath after playing hard with him for a little while! You are definitely the rough-housing parent and Jackson knows it! He also loves you for it!

The behind-the-scenes work you do as a father is also very special to Jackson and me. You work incredibly hard at your job in order to provide for us. As a father, it is important to you for Jackson to have as much time with us as possible. Luckily, I have been able to stay home with him to reach that goal. While you sometimes have to work late or pull out your laptop once you get home, we never forget that you are working extra hard for US. There is nothing more important to you than your family, and we love that about you! It makes you an even better husband and father because you work so hard.

I think I will always reminisce about the same few things on each Father's Day to come. I will always remember the night we found out we were pregnant. I will always remember getting to hear Jackson's heart beat together for the first time (you even re-lived the "Friends" episode where Rachel has an ultrasound and cries because she can't see the baby and thinks she is going to be a bad mom). I will always remember the day Jackson was born and how you had a permanent smile on your face that got bigger each time you looked at him. You certainly are the best father and husband Jackson and I could ask for! Thanks for being you :)



mom said...

Awesome Father's Day message! xo mimi

Katie said...

Awwww Dana, you made me cry. So sweet! You guys are awesome parents and friends and I miss you!