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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Smallest Little Boy

We are realizing on more and more occasions that Jackson is much more of a little boy than a baby. Of course this realization is matched with dueling feelings of sadness and happiness. Jackson has become a great helper in terms of throwing things away! Once in a while he gets on a roll and tries to throw away something that is not trash. But, overall, he is pretty helpful like that. After his nap today, he was super cute! I got him up and brought him into James's room. I changed Jackson's diaper on the bed while he and James "chatted." Once I finished with him, he sat on the bed while I changed James's diaper. He then grabbed both rolled up diapers, scooted backwards off the bed, and took them into his room to put in the Diaper Champ! Then, he came back into James's room (where James had thrown out everything that was in his crib) and proceeded to pick up James's paci and toss it back in the Pack-n-Play! He then went back into his own room to deposit his paci in his crib! It was quite an amusing series of events to watch :)

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John said...

Seems I'm lost. Who's James?