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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yookidoo Is a Winner!

We bought Jackson the Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Spout, and he LOVES it!!! I saw it written up in a magazine, checked out the reviews on Amazon, and placed an order immediately. Jackson has never been scared of the faucet running (thankfully!), and loves filling up his cups from it. He never gets super upset when it's time to turn it off, but I thought he's like having his own faucet.

The Flow 'N' Fill Spout has a small motor that pumps water from the bathtub up and out the spout. The spout moves as does the ring holding the little cups. Jackson acts very precise about the placement of each. Sometimes he wants them separate, but other times he carefully lines them up so the water runs right into the cups.

The cups are really cute too! The bottom, green one has a spinner wheel attached. The red one has some fun holes in the bottom. The blue one has different holes than the red one. The orange guy is my favorite. When it is nested in the blue cup, it floats up to the top and the little eyeballs peek-a-boo over the edge! Jackson also loves using his spout to give his turtle car a wash :)

This video probably will only appeal to the grandparent demographic. But, I thought I'd post it anyways :) It's a little longer than my usual videos, but captures Jackson's problem solving really well. He worked carefully to get the cups stacked in the correct order, but then realized they were all filling with water and went about remedying that. His face at the end is priceless :)

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