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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Days

The other morning, Jackson emptied out the book bin and put a few toys from each "category" in. He then took the bin over to the futon and lifted it up by Pax. It was as if he was saying, "Here are some of my favorite things, in case you feel like playing!" So cute :)

The boys had such a good time initiating the pool into our routine (hopefully!)! The water was a little cooler than I was expecting after being in the sun all afternoon, but they got right in and didn't even flinch! Jackson started using a shovel right away to splash and James just checked things out. Once he figured out he could walk across the pool, the smile broke out big time! He had a good time fishing the weighted sticks off of the bottom of the pool. He also was way more interested in soaking himself than Jackson was! He used the shovel to fling water in the air (and on Jackson and me). Then he used the watering can to get even wetter!

As predicted Jackson became more interested in climbing in and out, in and out, in and out of the pool! He also wanted to play with this little gator car that rolls. He didn't quite get that he could roll it on the bottom of the pool... He got out and played with it on the deck for a little while. Then he made a fun game for himself: he filled the watering can in the pool, took it over to Pax's bowl, filled the bowl, dumped out the bowl, went back to the pool to repeat!

Neither Jackson nor James had any trouble coming in when it was time to be finished. I definitely see us making good use of the pool during our summer days!

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Mary Jo said...

Oh they look so cute! I'm glad they had so much fun!