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Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Days

Is it possible to have a busy low-key weekend? That's totally how I felt like ours was :) Friday night we hung out with the Mullens. Jackson and James had a great time playing on James's slide in the backyard! They also loved exploring the grass and woodchipped areas. The boys enjoyed dinner together and then were off to bed while the "grown-ups" hung out and relaxed.

Josh had lots of work to get accomplished this weekend, so I tried my best to find things for Jackson and me to do out of the house so he could be productive. Jackson and I started our morning out with a run, a nap, and then a walk. We came home and got ready to go to the pool for the first time this season! Jackson had a great time! He walked down the steps into the big pool and let me hold him to swish around in the water. He wasn't so sure about the whole thing, but he let me walk laps with him. He really liked checking out the other kids! We went over to check out the kiddie pool and Jackson really liked that! Obviously, the water was just his height and he was able to walk round and chase after a squishy ball I brought. I also brought these diving sticks that stand straight up in the water. He was a little apprehensive about reaching in the water to grab them, but he was pretty proud of himself when he did! His favorite game was throwing his little ball on to the deck, climbing out of the pool to get it, then getting back in the pool. Repeat many times :) I was a little nervous about trying to leave, but I just asked Jackson if he wanted a snack and he walked right over to our stuff with me! Phew! We came home for lunch and a nap, then I went back to the pool by myself to lay in the sun and read. That was glorious! We just hung out in the afternoon, then it was time for dinner, bath, bed! Before bed, however, Jackson snuck in a little Guitar Hero time with Daddy :)

Sunday morning also started early :( But, we definitely made the most of it and it turned into a pretty great day! Jackson and I took another morning walk with Pax, and then Josh was ready to take a break from work to join us at the pool! It was Josh's first time ever at our pool! We had such a good time! We took Jackson deeper in the big pool than I did on my own Saturday. He showed off some of the things he likes to do at swim class. He also showed Josh what a good dunker he is! We had a similar schedule after the pool: lunch, bath, nap, then I went back to the pool to relax :) When I got home from the pool I took Jackson for a run (Crazy, I know, but I wanted to just get all of my sweating over with! That way, I could shower and be ready to go this morning!). We came back home and re-grouped to head to the grocery store! Jackson got to drive the car cart again, so he was quite happy! Back home for Jackson dinner, me shower, Jackson bed, and us dinner!

Last night I snuck out to Barnes and Noble for some browsing and to finish up the book I was reading. I love that Josh doesn't mind me going out by myself periodically. It's just nice to go out without unloading a stroller and one or two little boys. I also have all the time in the world (technically) since no one is begging for a snack or to keep moving! I was able to get out to Kohl's on my own Saturday night too! It helped that Josh was working, so I felt like I was doing him a favor by going out shopping... ;) Tonight we are hopefully having a date night, so that is definitely something to look forward to!

I LOVE summer pool days :)

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Sarah said...

What fun! I love "lazy weekends", even though it seems they are too far and few in between.