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Monday, June 7, 2010

Wordly Wise

We have lots more words! YAY! Last weekend Josh and I had so much fun on Saturday morning--Jackson repeated almost all of the words we asked him to say! The words flow more freely when we prompt him to say something, but he's definitely starting to use more words unprompted! He says please pretty reliably now, and it is the cutest thing! He is also a big fan of uh-oh, ow, all done, and bye-bye.

Jackson continues to be a monkey and climbs all over everything! We have deemed the couches pretty safe, and he is pretty steady on chairs as long as he is sitting down... He LOVE helping clean up! That is awesome, especially because he is so proud of himself when he is finished. He not only cleans up his toys, but he also finds little bits of trash and takes them to the trash can! He loves it! We also found out that Jackson can open the microwave now. He LOVES doing this, and he likes to stick his cup in there sometimes! Overall, this isn't a problem, unless we are actually microwaving something then we need to guard the door!

Jackson is starting to show a little more interest in TV, which is fine with me. He spends most of his day on the main level of the house where there is not a TV. Because of that, I'm not too worried that he will become addicted! He also loves climbing into the glider in his bedroom to look at books!

The picture at the top of this post is of a tower Jackson built with cookie tins. He LOVES rolling them across the floor in the dining room and living room. He crouches down and gets very precise about it! These were some of the first things he started to put away on his own too. This tower was great that he built! He was really proud and made sure to come and get me so I could admire it!

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